Technology: Printing

Find out more about the technical fabrics and expertise that go into every product that we make:



All of our Jersey fabrics are printed using dye sublimation process. We use this printing method because we believe it gives the best results whilst maintaining the technical capabilities of the fabrics. 

When employing the dye sublimation process, the ink is drawn into the fabric filaments to effectively dye the fabric and become part of it. This means it is permanent, wont wash out or rub off. 

With a lot of other printing methods, the printed artwork will sit on top of the fabric. The problem with this printing on a technical fabric is it stops it working in the way it was designed because it acts like a barrier to the wicking functionality and reduces the airflow of the garment. Because the dye sublimation printing becomes part of the fabric itself it has no impact on how it performs.

Another great benefit that can be harnessed is the power to use full colour because it is digitally printed. Colours appear bright and vibrant and even gradients between different colours can be used effectively to create jerseys that are bold and stand out in the crowd.