Caring For Your Kit

Here's where you'll find the information to keep your kit looking great and performing at it's best 


Knowing the best way of caring for and washing your kit can be tricky

  • We have a rule of thumb never to wash above 30 degrees. This will keep your kit looking and feeling great and avoid any unwanted colouring from other items which use dyed panels such as bib shorts.
  • If you leave it, it will smell.  A warm, damp man-made top is party time for the bacteria that cause sportswear to smell. If you can't get it in the wash straight away, at least hang it where air can circulate (and then get it in the wash ASAP). The bottom of the laundry basket is your enemy.
  • Air drying your kit will help to make sure it has chance to dry thoroughly and keep it fresh. Tumble drying is not recommended and the time it takes to dry a cycle jersey it's not exactly needed.
  • We also advise against bleaching the kit in any way and also ironing your kit as this may have a detrimental effect on the colours (and your iron!).
  • Lastly, we do not advise you get your kit dry cleaned, some dry cleaning processes may damage your kit.

For extra comfort and so this information will always be available to you, it can be found printed inside the collar of your jersey and outerwear.