1. Start your preparations early, especially when  several stakeholders are involved in signing off a design.

  2. Know where your logo's are.  We can help you design a great looking outfit so long as you don't want it done from a low quality graphic snipped from a web site.

  3. Have a look at jerseys that you like and send us some as ideas for inspiration.

  4. Chinese New Year can slow factories down in February, whilst April to July get pretty pressured for manufacturers so factor this in to your planning.

  5. Make sure everyone checks the size guide before they order a jersey.

Finally, call us any time you want and we'll talk you through the processes and pit-falls to be aware of.  Sourcing cycle clothing is probably not your full time job, but supplying it and giving you great quality and service is ours, so I'll say it again - call us any time!