Mont Ventoux Conquered!

One of my favourite designs from this season! The Wooley Wheelers Mont Ventoux tour jersey. I really enjoyed designing this with Brian, we used the colour scheme from their club jersey and the altitudes from the two aproaches they planned to ride to the sumit to make the profile of the mountain. Complete with sheep cycling up the side of course! the union jack in club colours looked fantatsic and was a really nice detail for the underside of the cap peak as well

A few words from Brian bellow:

A note here, Alex fell 5 weeks again and broke his shoulder, same injury as Cav in the Tour. Jan fell 10 weeks ago, broke left ankle, cracked left patella and fractured right wrist - Says a lot that Alex got in a different bike and rode 65 miles one day, Jan stoked a new tandem with her husband and conquered Ventoux. 

On a serious note, we got so many comments about our shirts and how good they looked that we simply lost count, no exaggeration-shirts and caps went down a storm and even the owner at Chalet Rayneard said they were amongst the best he'd seen this year. 

So Doug, thanks for all your help



So congratulations Brian on your and the other wooley wheelers accomplishment. really looking forward to working with you again soon