The new Team Spirit jersey was chosen as the preferred bit of cycling kit for the day. Warm dry weather was forecast as we headed out with our watr gels & bars tucked safely inti the jerseys back pockets.Off we set on our planned route from Cark into Grizedale Forest, to Coniston & Hawkshead & back again. The aim was to combine road & a bit of off road to see how the jersey performed over different types of terrain & in different conditions of over approx 50 miles. 

The jersey exceeded expectations with a comfortable feel of the material & a good all round fit. In fact it wasn’t until I got back to base that I realised that I was wearing a brand new jersey.

It will certainly be worn & tested out again as I have a number of road & Adventure X events planned  over the coming weeks.

Versatile jersey which I am sure will be an excellent addition to the cycling wardrobe