1. Go long. Arm and leg warmers really help take the chill out of the experience and can be easily removed if the temperature rises.
  2. Two pairs are better than one.  A thin pair of liner gloves worn under winter gloves can mean the difference between a comfy day in the saddle and being too cold to shift the gears.
  3. A spare pair of gloves kept dry in the jersey pocket are advisable for really wet days when the first pair wet out.
  4. Layers, layers and more layers - a base layer, mid layer and outer shell offers the versatility and protection needed to adapt to whatever the elements throw at you.
  5. Overshoes are great, although if you’re serious about riding all winter then a pair of dedicated winter shoes is money well spent.
  6. Go big with the saddle bag - carry a couple of spare inner tubes, a patch kit, CO2 canisters and a decent pump. Winter is no time for sleek lines and weight-weenies.
  7. In the day time, keep your lights on flash and think about carrying backups just in case.
  8. Mudguards are great for you, even better for the person riding on your wheel. If your bike doesn’t have dedicated mudguard fittings, there are some good alternatives - speak to your local bike shop to discover what is best for you.
  9. With roads getting covered in salty grit, giving your bike a good rinse and lubrication after each ride is essential unless you want your precious steed to corrode before your eyes.
  10. Enjoy the adventure! Despite the cold and rain, winter riding can be terrifically rewarding. In our opinion, nothing comes close to letting you appreciate the beauty of our planet than getting out on a bike.

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